Course Objective:
Cortisol Carbine will give you tools to rapidly hit multiple targets under stress.

Critical Skills: 
- Rifle presentation
- Optimal trigger control
- Shooting on the move
- Malfunction clearances
- Alternate positions
- Using Cover
- Fighting wounded

When it's time fire your rifle, your adrenal cortex is going to release cortisol and other hormones which activate the stress response.  Knowing how to manipulate your rifle under the same physiological conditions that you will experience when your life is on the line is critical to being effective and safe.

Cortisol Carbine is a one-day, action packed course that will teach you how to be fast and accurate, even under intense pressure.  This course is a wonderful choice for anyone who intends to use a rifle for self-defense or those who want to know the most cutting-edge techniques for running a modern rifle. 


Cortisol Carbine


- Rifle w/ sling
- 500 Rounds
- 5 x magazines
- General Equipment