Cortisol Carbine II builds upon C2 with advanced manipulations, transitions, working with others and stress performance tools that are essential to making the best possible decision when lives are at stake.

Students are expected to arrive prepared to hit the ground running with a zeroed rifle and the will to push themselves both physically as well mentally.

Prerequisites for C2II are Praetorian Pistol and Cortisol Carbine.  

Course Objective:
By the end of C2II, our goal is for your rifle to become reflexive so that you can effectively work with teammates, keep track of your environment and make optimum decisions.

Critical Skills:
- Rifle to handgun transition
- Working as a team
- Performing under stress



Cortisol Carbine II


- Gear for Praetorian Pistol
- Rifle w/ sling
- 500 Rounds
- 5 x magazines
- General Equipment