"If you want to learn how to fight intelligently with your firearm in a dynamic, encouraging environment, this is the company you should train with!" 

– J, San Gabriel Valley

Praetorian Pistol Course

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"Fantastic time training with these guys! Informational and fun. Real world applications, and knowledge is by far the best I have had yet!" 

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"I was most amazed at how a bit of stress exposure effects your ability to function and stay on target.

I now realize that training this way will be a much better judge of how you would perform in an actual fight. Stress Exposure Training (SET) is the best way to train, Billy and Kent are great instructors and I will be training with them again.

I advise you to do the same."

– Greg R

Praetorian Pistol Course

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"My son and I came away with new found skills and appreciation for shooting. Your courses, Praetorian Pistol I & II are truly unprecedented.

As a civilian, I have had the opportunity to attend and train firearms instruction with many facets of both the military and law enforcement. Your course was at the top of the training I have ever received.  The classroom education on gun safety, laws, and how to handle our weapons was invaluable.  You took us far beyond just shooting by teaching us real life situations and how to prepare, react and handle the after action assessment in high stress situations. 
While I am not a proponent of more gun laws I feel a course such as yours should be required for every gun owner. The team work and division of education between the two of you works very well.  Obviously a lot of time and planning went into the creation of this course. Thank you both for a job well done and a great weekend."