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While on the road, we offer a 3-day package that combines Praetorian Pistol I & II along with Cortisol Carbine into a training opportunity that provides new shooters with an intensive course that will establish skills that they can practice for months.  For experienced shooters, combining pistol and rifle into a 3-day course gives them the opportunity to hone their abilities with multiple weapons used for self defense and preserving freedom.  

If you have specific training goals or are new to shooting and would like the benefits of a private course, please reach out via the form below.  We will be more than happy to design a package for you that can be anything from a day at the range with several options so that you can pick the best firearm for your needs to a multi-day course chock full of advance tactics for a group that would like to maximize their ability to face high-end threats.


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3-Day Mobile Package

GEAR LIST for 3-Day Pistol & Carbine Course:

- Handgun
- 1200 Pistol Rounds
- 5 x pistol magazines
- Gun Belt
- Quality holster
- Rifle w/ sling
- 600 Rifle Rounds
- 5 x rifle magazines
- Rifle Magazine Carrier
- General Equipment