Where do classes meet?  Class locations and directions are sent to every student in their confirmation email

At what time does class start? Students should arrive by 0830 in order to start at 9am.  Classes usually finish at 1630.

What course should I take first?  The Horatius Group Pistol Course is the foundation of our program.  We recommend it for all new students.

Why do I need to train?  Luck can smile on anyone.  In a fight for our lives however, we want to rely on our skills, especially when fortune favors our opponent.  We have never met anyone with the mindset and skills to consistently win who has not invested in training.  The rule applies to us, them and it applies to you.  

If I've never shot a gun before, should I come to class?  YES!!!  If your guns and gear are still in plastic packaging, leave them there. We'll get you all set up.  

Can I rent a gun?  Yes.  Please contact us for more information.

What equipment do I need?  Please read the page Required Equipment

Can I train with limited mobility?  As long as your doctor authorizes you to conduct moderate movement, the team at the Horatius Groupcan teach you how to fight with a rifle, pistol, or shotgun even if you are impaired.  

Is there an age restriction?  18 years old is the minimum age to participate unaccompanied.  Juveniles may train as along as they are supervised.  Keep in mind that we reserve the right to remove anyone who does not have the maturity to safely participate.

Is there an age limit?  In Sultan, WA on 29 April 2016 an 80 year old woman shot a 25 year old intruder who was stabbing her 75 year old husband.  Criminals don't discriminate and neither do we.  Come on out.  

Can I buy ammunition from you?  Yes.  Please email us for more information.

Can I use steel cased ammunition?  No.  While we have shot pallets full of steel cased ammo through a variety of rifles, the ranges on which we train do not permit it.  

What type of gear do you suggest?  Our required equipment page has links to the specific models of equipment we have found provide the best value.

Can I connect with other students in order to share hotel rooms, rental cars, and other costs associated with the course?  Of course.  Our Facebook page is the best way to connect with other students.

Do you offer military or police discounts?  Please contact us for specifics.  

What do I have to do if traveling to California?  We have 10 round magazines for many common pistols which you rent while you train with us.  Please read the appropriate statues for specifics about the gun you are bringing to class.