Just as the Praetorians were dedicated to defending the Roman Emperors, we are committed to protecting our families and loved ones. Praetorian Pistol is our foundational course which combines cutting-edge mechanics with evolved frameworks to help you become fast and accurate with your handgun while making intelligent decisions.  

If you are new shooter, Praetorian Pistol will be a fast paced entry into the world of defending yourself with a gun.  We are here to help you the way our coaches helped us.  It will be challenging.  It will be worth it.  

For the experienced shooter, Praetorian Pistol is an opportunity to test your skills under stress as well as learn the fine-points that will take you to the next level.  Praetorian Pistol will also provide you with decision making frameworks and tools that will maximize the chance that you will use your skills in the best possible way.  


Course Objective:
Praetorian Pistol will dramatically improve your ability to win a fight with your handgun.

Critical Skills:
- Draw from concealment
- Modern trigger control
- Rapid engagement of multiple targets
- Shooting on the move
- Malfunction clearances
- Reloads
- Threat dynamics
- Use of force considerations

Praetorian Pistol


- Handgun
- 500 Rounds
- 5 x magazines or speed loader
- Quality holster
- Magazine Carrier
- Gun belt
- General Equipment