Praetorian Pistol II layers tactics onto the skills taught in Praetorian Pistol.  During the course, we shoot on the move, spend lots of time fighting from cover, role-play after action drills, and learn how to use a gun at bad breath distances which includes addressing a threat armed with a knife, blunt object and personal weapons.  

Students in Praetorian Pistol II also learn enhanced frameworks that greatly improve their ability to process information under stress and make the best possible decision.  The mental skills we learn in P2II are transferable to every high-risk environment.  

Praetorian Pistol is a pre-requisite for P2II.


Course Objective:
Praetorian II will give you the tools to turn mechanics into tactics.  

Critical Skills:
- Using cover
- Close contact
- Fighting against blades at bats
- Stress management
- Decision making frameworks

Praetorian Pistol II


- Handgun
- 500 Rounds
- 5 x magazines or speed loader
- Quality holster
- Magazine Carrier
- Gun belt
- Knife that can used with the support side hand
- General Equipment