With multiple payload options, proven reliability and devastating terminal performance, the shotgun is an essential tool in our quiver; they also have unique manipulations and considerations which require focused training in order for each of us to use one in the best possible way.    

Stress Scattergun is an intensive, one day course during which students learn critical information associated with payload, pattern and penetration as well as proven mechanics that will empower you to use a shotgun for defense both inside the home and on the move.  

Stress Scattergun has no requisites.

Course Objective:
Students are able to rapidly engage multiple targets at close and intermediate ranges with their shotgun.

Critical Skills:
- Presentation
- Slug select
- Shooting on the move
- Fighting from cover
- Malfunction Clearances
- Engaging multiple targets

Stress Scattergun


- Shotgun w/ sling
- 200 Rounds birdshot, 25 buckshot, 25 slugs
- General Equipment