At the Horatius Group, our goal is to provide our fellow Americans with the most effective firearms training available in the world that enables individuals to quickly hit what they want and enhances their ability to make decisions under stress.  Since few of us get paid to take training courses, Horatius Group classes are also designed to give you the most material per day so that you will be able to practice what you learned for months.  We also have a special offer for our students who want to take the same class multiple times.    

The skills and mental processes learned in our courses can be applied to a range of situations - concealed carry, home defense, active shooter and protecting loved ones in the event of government failure.  Students at the Horatius Group also learn mental processes that enhance their ability to lead in any high-stress environment.

Horatius Group courses are held at a private range complex in Simi-Valley, CA.  Nothing in California is even close!!  At The Compound, we have great flexibility and opportunities for realistic, scenarios.  If you are visiting from out of state, we do have California-compliant firearms and magazines for you to use along with market priced ammunition.  We also offer mobile classes that are listed under "Custom Courses."  

When you arrive at the Horatius Group, you will be teamed up with instructors that will enthusiastically share what they have learned during their journey to ensure that your road to success will be smoother than theirs.  We believe in the sanctity of individual sovereignty and that it is a moral obligation to win.  To those ends, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our students with proven, self defense focused skills, in an environment that is accessible to everyone who shares our commitment to serving others.